About Us

Horton & Broster is an independent business created by me, Katy Broster.

I was born & raised in the beautiful City of Chester, in the North West of the United Kingdom. From an early age I was often seen doodling away & could spend many happy hours in my own world of colouring & painting. Naturally I found Art my favourite subject in my education but as an adult I seemed to put my art on a back burner. After a few years away, living in Kent & Hampshire, I returned to Chester wanting to do something more creative with my life.

In September 2018 I decided that I would launch my own business, meaning I could enjoy more time being creative & the perks of being my own boss!

I needed to find a way of getting my art work out in the World & enjoyed by others. As a start-up I had to sit down & really think, how do I want my art to be used? How can I introduce it into everyday life? The idea of putting my designs on home accessories meant that my work can lighten up every room in your home. 

I create all the drawings & patterns myself, using a mixture of medias such as watercolours & inks. I then digitalise my drawings to make simple, modern, unique patterns. I also made the conscious decision to use only British based suppliers ensuring a high-quality finish.

I am celebrating authentic designs & British made products.

Art...not just on the wall.